Client Results

Bernie De Souza

Digital Monkeys are experts in Internet Marketing, for years I have been searching for someone who understands this area and can deliver it in a language I can understand. They get great Results and are on the top of their game. I would have no hesitation in recommending them and indeed they are now working with other business / friends, who feel the same way. Digital Monkeys will take your business to the top level, they are a class act and are making a difference to my business.

David Rowley

Business Development Manager, Intelligent Money

I have just spent an enlightening weekend with Digital Monkeys (in the business sense of course) on developing and implementing successful marketing strategies and how you fully maximise internet marketing and your web presence. There is no doubt in my mind that Digital Monkeys are the leading experts in their field (check top listings in Google?) so much that I am so looking forward to working with them over the next 12 months and beyond.

Danny Burgess

Managing Director, Discount Letting

I’ve used 3 or 4 so called online marketing agencies in the past and found that the results have been very disappointing. However… since working with the Digital Monkeys team I have been amazed at what can actually be achieved if you know what you’re doing. Digital Monkeys has brought our strategy back to life, and we’re already reaching the difficult goals we asked the team to achieve. Both myself and my business have massively benefited from Digital Monkeys consultations. I’m very happy that I don’t need to keep wasting my time and money on so called experts that promise the world but fall drastically short of what is expected. Digital Monkeys is a proven solution that not only delivers but far exceeds my expectations.

Mark Wickersham

Director, AVN

Digital Monkeys is simply brilliant. I first heard Lee Gilbert as a speaker in late-2010 and it was clear he knew his stuff. I hired Digital Monkeys a few months later to do some consultancy and marketing work and it was worth every penny. They had dozens of ideas and action points and helped us implement them thoroughly. It is very likely that I will be engaging Digital Monkeys services again in the future.

Leigh Ashton

Owner, The Sales Consultancy

What I love about Digital Monkeys is their sensible, down to earth approach on how to generate results online. They have the ability to look at a business and know exactly what it needs to achieve the desired objective! If you want online results…Digital Monkeys is your team!

Steve Lewis

Director, Cutting Edge Commercial Finance

Its been like breath of fresh air working with Digital Monkeys. Trust them to deliver results, and trust them to keep to their word. In a word – BRILLIANT.

Carl Jarvis

Franchise Director, Concentric Lettings

Digital Monkeys is a very knowledgeable authority on digital marketing, but more importantly, they deliver real tangible results. Having presented his web marketing strategies and methods to both our internal team and our franchise network, Lee Gilbert is able to stand up and articulate his activities and ideas in a very simple language, which makes the complex easy for people to understand. The Digital Monkeys team came highly recommended to us and they’ve certainly lived up to that recommendation, and continue to do so.

Marie Cross

Director, First Impression Training Ltd.

WOW! Have just had a 1 day session with Digital Monkeys and have gleaned so many useful insights from our time together – got some really practical, quick-fix ideas and tips to enhance our email marketing activity, improve our social media strategy, accelerate our SEO stuff and a whole load of straight-talking, no-nonsense, sound advice from a thoroughly nice team, who a real experts in their field. Thanks Digital Monkeys – will most certainly recommend you and will have no hesitation in knocking on your door again!

Scott Hodson

Owner, Optimum Fitness Software

When building a successful business my philosophy is to surround yourself with better people than yourself. Then I met Digital Monkeys and started to surround myself with the BEST people. Their nous, business savvy-ness and expertise is second to none. And the no BS approach cuts through the noise and gets the results time and time again.

Gary Jennings

International Sales & Marketing Director

It’s not very often you find anyone or anything which stands out from the crowd – but you will when working with Digital Monkeys. They are an exception to the norm. People who know me personally know that I don’t write testimonials – but with Digital Monkeys I wanted to as they have made such a difference to the way I am growing my business. If you want your business to grow exponentially – work with Digital Monkeys; I cannot recommend them highly enough as being the people I trust, respect and believe in. . alexa traffic rank download . mail order wives